Rolla Grolla Arena is a 2-4 player game I made in 3 days using the Unity engine as part of Ludum Dare 34 (#LDJAM) where the themes were "Two Button Controls" and "Growing".

For the fellow devs who took part in Ludum Dare 34, don't forget to leave a rating on there too :) (

Desktop version is recommended as the WebGL build has some slight issues. Also controllers are definitely recommended.


Left Accel: Q/A/Left Arrrow/LB(Xbox Controller)/L1 (PS4 Controller)
Right Accel: D/Right Arrow/RB (Xbox Controller)/R1 (PS4 Controller)

Game has been tested with Xbox and PS4 pads but other controllers should work. Just find out which is Button 4(Windows/Linux) or 13(Mac) for Left Accel and Button 5(Windows/Linux) or 14(Mac) for Right Accel.


Press the Left Accel button to move your ball to the left
Press the Right Accel button to move your ball to the right
Press both Left Accel and Right Accel to make your ball jump
Your ball grows in size when you are moving and shrink when you are not

Survive for as long as possible by knocking opposing balls out of the arena.
Every time your ball is knocked out of the arena, you lose some energy and will respawn in 3 seconds
If you run out of energy then you cannot respawn and therefore you are out of the game
The last ball standing wins

Tools Used:

Language: C#
IDE: Visual Studio
Library/Framework: Unity
Sounds: bfxr, BoscaCoeil


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Update: Took out the unnecessary debug files in the Windows build so the overall file size is now smaller.

Minor Bug: Turns out I've written the instructions to join/leave incorrectly by accident. The Right Accel button is to join and the Left Accel button is to leave. Sorry about that but I'll be releasing a fixed version soon with the the correct instructions.

Embed version now shows the correct instructions

All current builds now show the correct instructions