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Post-Jam Updates:

WebGL version now have some alternative keyboard controls added (Press Space to alternate between mouse and keyboard modes). Performance issues still exists so I still recommend playing on the standalone versions instead.

Android/Google Cardboard version now added

BreakAround is a game created for Ludum Dare 37 where you must break all the blocks with your ball and paddle just like Breakout but with an added 360 degree twist.


  • This is pretty much a very prototypey sort of game so expect lots of bugs.
  • WebGL version may have some performance issues so I recommend playing on the standalone versions instead.
  • Android/Google Cardboard version is an experimental build and may look/perform differently on your phone (Confirmed to be already working on a Galaxy Note 4)

Known Bugs

  • Sometimes the ball will slow down for no reason (If this happens wait for it to hit something and it should pick up speed again otherwise just click to destroy the ball).
  • There will definitely be moments where the ball will bounce between two points that your paddle won't reach so feel free to destroy the current ball if nothing is happening.
  • WebGL: Some "drifting" issues may occur when controlling the camera/paddle via keyboard


Use the mouse/WASD or arrow keys in keyboard mode if playing on WebGL/Look around with your headset if playing on Android to navigate and move your paddle

Click to launch/destroy balls etc.

Published Dec 13, 2016
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Arcade, google-cardboard, Ludum Dare 37
LinksLudum Dare

Install instructions

Desktop versions: Just unzip the files

Android/Google Cardboard version: A phone with a gyroscope running at least Android 4.4 is required along with a Google Cardboard VR headset (2016 version recommended)


Windows (zipped exe) 11 MB
LD37EntryMac.app.zip 25 MB
LD37EntryLinux.tar.gz 14 MB
Android/Google Cardboard (Experimental) 11 MB